some point form on stealth, queer, trans, gimp, far and privilege

just some thoughts for the day…

– being “stealth” is not / wont be the downfall of the trans community

– it is CISSEXISM that challenges us, that degrades us, that creates rifts, that kills us, so please dont attempt to derail us in our self-love, support, community building projects with some bullshit about how our troubles are because of stealth folks, genderqueers, trans kinksters, fat trans folks, or any other trans person.

– not all people you identify as being “stealth” trans people identify that way (either as stealth or trans or any combination), and THAT IS OK

– being cis(sexual and or gender) does not mean you are a bad person, and it is not an attack on your personal freedoms to be identified as cis(sexual or gender).

– not all trans folks, including myself, want to hear your neverending processing about your cissexual privilege

– some of us, including me, do want to hear what work youre doing

– queer =/= trans by default; trans =/= queer by default

– i personally believe that how i am queer is about who and how i fuck, about my political strategies, is also intimately connected to my trans identity, it’s about a bunch of stuff, and THAT IS OK

– this fat person does not want to listen to you process your emotions around my body

– this gimp does not want to listen to you process your emotions around my body

– advocating for a scent-free and/or scent-reduced space is not restricting your personal freedoms, creating anarchy and/or creating a police state

– anyone, ANYONE, who tells me that they refuse to place accessibility information on their websites and other promotional materials is actively accessing ENabled privilege. Full stop.

– it is not my job as a gimp to educate you about my thoughts on gimp stuff, but it is most certainly my right to do so, and it would do us all a favourfor you to pay some attention

– my love of my fat body, my trans body, my gimped body, is not some delusion. It is self love in the face of a never-ending flood of messages that my body is wrong, is other, is worthless, is ugly.

Do not get in the way of me loving my body.

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