This isn’t a feel-good blog. There are no sparkles and rainbows for you to slide down to find disabled people in a little accessible pot o’ gold, farting sequins and love for you. It’s also not exactly just a pissy blog either, not all the time. But it’s honest, and hopefully provides some information that you can use in the real world. And that makes a difference in mine and the lives of other folks who need things to change, like ASAP. And i’m good with that. i just want us to keep learning and re-learning this stuff, and adapting as things change. i do this kind of work because it’s the right thing to do, for me, for my communities, not because i imagine everything will be amazing some day. It may never change substantially in my lifetime. As a gimp, i’m not fooling myself. i know this stuff is hard, and if i sat around waiting for the big payoff i’d lose my shit. So i keep writing, agitating, rebuilding, tearing down and building again, advocating and creating change, big, little, whatever. The more the merrier! So, in the words of Inga Muscio, let’s “get it the fuck on!”


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