M2M Vancouver steambaths Audit

This accessibilities audit of M2M Vancouver steambaths was performed on March 1st 2012 by the Radical Access Mapping Project, with assistance from the good folks at sTeam: Bathhouse For All Gender.
You can find out more about sTeam by visiting their website at [http://steambathhouse.com/homepage/]
You can get more details about M2M here [http://m2mvancouver.com/]

You can learn more about the Mapping Project, and find other audited spaces here:

If you would like a space audited, or have questions about accessibilities in general, please contact rampvancouver@gmail.com and let’s talk!

M2M Accessibilities Overview:

M2M Full Accessibilities Audit:
Here is a photo of the rear entrance of M2M, where you’ll find the wheelchair lift:
[image: a black painted back metal double door with no handles, the right wall is black brick; there is a partial view of the alleyway]

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