making a move!

hi… me :) im making the move over from blogger to wordpress. itll take some getting used to, there’s definitely a learning curve here. Things are gonna be all over the place and a bit discombobulated for a while,  but will be back up and rolling as soon as possible.  i feel like there are more accessibility options over here than on blogger, and if it goes well, i’ll likely end up at the dot org thing soon enough. See ya soon!

2 thoughts on “making a move!

  1. Hey! I am hosting a party at The Cobalt on August 1st(Shakedown: Pride Edition) and would love an audit if you have time. Please let me know how I can help you to make this happen, cheers!

    • hiya :) It’s a bit late in the game unfortunately, as i have a number of other audits planned for the next several weeks. i’ve taken a break this last while from auditing bars, but i can put the word out to friends who may want to help out with this one. Because things are so tight right now i can’t guarantee that it would be ready in time for the event, but it’s vaguely possible :) Let me fish around a bit and see what we can make happen.

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