Here comes the fatty air balloon of love and liberation!

so obesity is on the rise you say? here comes the fatty air balloon of love and liberation! Access isn’t just about ramps, and isn’t just about disability, it’s about bodily autonomy, for all of us. It’s about creating communities where all bodies are a welcome and vibrant part of the overall picture, and where no one is shamed for being in their body.

* i didnt make the original photo of the hot air balloon, but i edited out the “joke” site that was stamped on the butt, and added the text. i also would have preferred to use an image of my own butt for this, and perhaps if i can get bendy or get some assistance (or a whole lot of balloon material lol), i will make that happen!

[image of a hot air balloon –the whole balloon looks like a lovely big fat bum and thighs, complete with some sort of sheer black underwear with a sort of heart-shaped hole cut out so you can see the bum crack, and some ornate black lace stockings– with a grey sky background, some people in the basket, and a huge flame shooting up into the balloon]

[Text over the image] i heard you’re real concerned about “obesity being on the rise”. But what’s actually on the rise is acceptance, self-love, a better understanding of body variation, liberation from messed up body ideals, silencing and shaming; complex conversations about interconnected bodies and struggles. And that freaks you out because it means you have to re-evaluate your assumptions and change how you look at and treat people. It’s ok, it’ll pass. Just breathe, look up, we’ll show you the way…


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