on self care/community care

i mean, there’s so much crap in the original article. The thing that gets me is this idea of self care being somehow versus collective/community care. its ridiculous. These things aren’t mutually exclusive. What do i do when the “collective” is utterly inaccessible to me? just sit around and hope something changes? feel shitty about taking care of my own self? because there are so many spaces, so many ways, where i cannot tap into the collective/community, because its not just single incidences of ableism or transphobia or fatphobia or classism or or or. It’s an entire culture of ableism, etc. That means something. And folks like the dude who wrote the original article doesn’t seem to consider in their writing what that can mean in the real world, for real people dealing with real shit. Which ties in nicely with a post i wrote about time-while-gimped https://radicalaccessiblecommunities.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/on-gimp-time-activism-and-commitment/


Here’s a response i can really get behind:


“B Loewe recently wrote this article: http://www.organizingupgrade.com/index.php/blogs/b-loewe/item/729-end-to-self-care.  Many folks on my Facebook friends list wrote about this article in glowing terms. Many disabled, chronically ill, brokeass, femme and parent friends of mine reacting to this article with a huge amount of anger, grief and trigger. While it might not have been loewe’s intention, for a lot of folks, reading the article brought up a lot of feelings of how the abelism and unsustainabiltiy of movements have pushed us out of them.

Some of us on Sick and Disabled Queers,  a community I am part of,  are in the process of writing a collective response, but in the meantime, I wanted to post some intiial notes I pounded out in response to this article.  As a working-class raised femme of color with a disability- who is invested in creating badass movements that don’t explode and combust from insustainable models, and who believes the genius of poor and working class folks, sick and disabled folks and femmes will be a huge amount of what gets us there- I’m sharing these observations.”     ~ Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha



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