It’s so much more than getting in the door.

Because self care and community care are not only about how we take care when we’re organizing or resisting together. Because resistance is not just about work work work.

i want to be there with you in celebration as well as struggle, because it’s all connected. If you only ever make your events accessible to me when it comes time to rant/ vent/ brainstorm/ organize around a specific political goal/ etc, you won’t ever get to see my face when i’m celebrating. You might not even get to see or hear me laugh. You won’t be able to dance with me. Likely won’t feel the warmth of a mutual hug with me. Won’t see me cry with joy. And that is how we turn one another into one dimensional creatures / caricatures when we’re so much more.

There are so many things we miss when things aren’t accessible, not just facts, figures, resources. We lose contact. We lose joy, laughter, dancing, eating, sweating, awkwardness, so much. Contact. Community. Clarity. Joy. And the kinds of organizing i do, while intense at times, and sad, trying, tough as shit, also includes all of those things. It has to, because that’s what resistance is: contact. community. clarity. joy.

One thought on “It’s so much more than getting in the door.

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