Allies, where are you in this equation?

If one huge way that humans experience our humanness is through our connection with other humans, don’t you ever wonder, honestly, what your inaccessible events do to that equation? Don’t you ever think to yourself “Hmm. If so-and-so can’t get into this event, it stands to reason they can’t get into that event or that other event and that other one… and so on”?

And then what if anything do you do about that?

Do you just keep having inaccessible events because you can?

Do you just keep being part of that subtracting equation?

Or do you rewrite the whole thing?

Do you say “no more”?

Do you say “we’re not doing this any more until we can all be here”?

i’m saddened & angered by how often people –including many folks who call themselves my “ally”– continue with the subtraction, not experiencing it as a loss, not  seeing their part in an ongoing subtraction of gimps from an equation of experiencing humanness together.

There can be no ableism without ableists. i mean really, what the fuck is this if it isn’t ableism?

If you are my ally, work with me to change this.


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