Blackface: Racist As Fuck. End of story.

Below are english subtitles i did earlier today for the original  video by Mollena Williams and link to her blog.

And the english captions for Deaf and hard of hearing folks:  Blackface Is Racist, Period.

and the original article in Bilerico
                Bilerico article: “Blackface: Still Racist Y’all”

i’m posting this here because this is indeed an access issue. If you show up to an event, and you’re lucky enough for it to be wheelchair-and-otherwise-mobility-limited accessible (the main floor of the PDX Eagle is w/c accessible, as best i can remember, it’s bee a long time since i’ve been, please correct me if there’s updates), and this is the shit you get when you get in the door? THAT, my friends, is simply NOT an accessible event.

We need to call this shit out for what it is: straight up, no bones about it, racist. And not only do we need to call it what it is, we need to do something about it whether it’s for an event or in our own lives. Additionally, we white folks need to get over this idea that someone like Chuck Knipp, AKA Shirley Q Liquor, is some exceptional case. Kind of like how people say “I’m not racist! I’m not in the kkk!”. He and his brand of bullshit while vile is not particularly exceptional. He just has the ability to go ahead and spread his bullshit far and wide. What about everyone who has gone to and enjoyed his shows? All the people on that ridiculous facebook event page? And on the current shirley q liquor fb page? And anyone who says “relax” to people who face this kind of hatred? We are not above this shit.

i’m glad this event was canceled, but that’s not the end of it.

If you or anyone you know still has any doubts as to the supposed validity of the belief that this shit is actually, fundamentally, blatantly racist? Mollena lays it down for you. As have many others over the years. This is not the first time SQL has been called out for his racist shit (and when i say Shirley Q Liquor, i mean Chuck Knipp:

picture of a white man, chubby face, slight beard, white shirt, smiling.

because no one should be allowed to hide behind a “persona” as a means to spread racist, sexist (or any other kind of) bigotry. Fuck you, Chuck Knipp, and anyone who supports you.

And its not only individuals like him, “bad apples”, or those who support him: its an entire fucking white supremacist state backing him up. That means something. This is also not the first time The PDX Eagle (and other Eagles across the US, and leatherbars beyond) have been called out on their racism (which some folks may not be privy to, since they do a great job of erasing many of the online discussions which display it so clearly) .

This is not new, and it is not restricted to people who don’t call themselves “radical”. It is the same recycled bullshit which too many queers and leatherfolk have support/ed loudly and/or passively.

Let’s get our shit together, people.

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