remembering the potential of broken hearts…

So, as with so much of our communities, you can be celebrated and share your celebration of others with similar identities so long as a core piece of that experience and identity does not involve requiring an accessible space in which to do it. It’s this kind of shit that breaks my heart for my communities time and again, makes me wonder where all these “allies” are. And while i don’t wish more people were shut out in these blatant ableist exclusions, i do wish it would break more hearts and that those broken hearts would ooze out of their relatively comfortable casings and coalesce into a bulk refusal to support spaces and events which actively cut us off from one another, leaving some satiated and too many others silenced. Remind me again how ableism and other exclusions and oppressions are “radical”? Fucking. Hell.


(and yes, this could be about dozens, hundreds of events. If you think its about you or an event youre organizing or attending, you’re probably right, as are thirty other folks who think it might be about an event theyre organizing or attending.)

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