not in my name

i’ve said it before and will say it again: the state has no business whatsoever mucking about in anyone’s uterus, and certainly not using some bullshit lie of an excuse about how they want to “protect the disabled”.

These people don’t want to “protect” me any more than anti abortionists want to “protect” me. Increasing state regulation of bodies –in this case the bodies of people with uteri– will not help or protect me as a disabled person.

If they truly want to “protect” disabled folks, ensure we have access to the supports we require for daily living; ensure our pensions and benefits are sufficient to cover expenses; ensure our healthcare and housing are safe, accessible, and affordable; ensure that migrant workers who are injured in the performance of that work and refugees and immigrants seeking a safe place to call home have access to medical care; and so on and so forth. Don’t give me some bullshit about “protecting the disabled”.

What increased regulation specifically WILL do is further the false legitimacy of the already existing stranglehold on the bodies of people who can least afford losing more oxygen, oxygen already being cut off by the state: disabled, people of colour, poor, Indigenous, elders, drug users, trans people (women and otherwise), incarcerated folks, fat folks, sex workers, and so on.

Think what you will about abortion, and challenge/scrutinize/change what you will about the kinds of babies/bodies that are wanted, absolutely; learn about the histories (and present) of eugenics and the brutal impacts it has had and continues to have on disabled folks, and also learn about how those practices impacted and continue to impact others who too have struggled with the state deciding how it would “manage” other groups; ultimately, make the choices you need to make about your own body; and think about how disabled folks etc are or more often aren’t being “protected” by the state right now; but please, do not add more weight to state regulation of bodies.

Or at the very least, don’t do it in my name.


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