isn’t everything cuter when you say it with kittens?

isn't everything cuter when you say it with kittens?

[image description:

On the left hand side of the image: a vertical row of small pictures of kittens, with black text to the right of each

1) a tabby kitten asleep holding a stuffed cat toy says “sorry, we just dont have energy to work on accessibility right now”

2) an orange tabby kisses a grey tabby, “but i like you! i cant have able-bodied privilege!”

3) a dark tabby kitten sits at the bottom of a long flight of stairs, facing away from the camera “what if we carried you up the stairs instead of finding an accessible space?”

4) a black and white kitten lounges at the bottom of a set of outdoor stairs “and besides, it’s just one step (or 10, i cant remember) so whats the big deal?”

5) one tabby sitting on a log is pounced on by another tabby “if youd just be nicer about access, i might be more invested in doing something about it.”

6) a tabby kitten is covered by some red material and seems to be straining to get out “you people demanding accessibility just want a red carpet laid out!”

7) a tabby with lots of white hair is upside down facing the camers, legs and arms askew “i just get so confused about all this stuff, so i dont have to do anything, right?”

8) a basket of about 13 variously coloured kittens “we’re only a few kittens! we dont have the power to create accessible spaces!”

9) a teensy little kitten, probably just a couple weeks old, is sleeping tucked into the back pocket of a pair of blue jeans, just their little head poking out “our ockets are empty, we cant affor to work on increasing accessibility”

And to the right of this, a single large photo of “Grumpy Cat”, basically the internet-famous grumpiest looking siamese cat you can possibly imagine, with large white text over top saying “DOESNT IT SOUND CUTER WHEN ITS SAID BY KITTENS?”, and text at the bottom of the image that says “NO.”

2 thoughts on “isn’t everything cuter when you say it with kittens?

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