for you, and you, and you and you and you

With so much love and respect to my able-bodied or otherwise non-disabled friends/ lovers/ comrades:

There are so many ways we are marginalized as variously disabled people. Therefore, we (WE) have created hundreds of thousands of ways to get around that as much as is possible. This is called RESISTANCE and SURVIVAL.

Some of us want to share our knowledge and experience with you, in a wide variety of ways, so that YOU can be part of our survival, our resistance, too, because we want to be a part of YOUR resistance, YOUR survival, and the circle goes on.

If you find it frustrating, angering, annoying, too much, a pain in the ass, too confusing, and so on, that defensiveness is on you to deal with. Please do that work, it’s necessary to move forward. Please let us know when you want to talk hard shit with us, some of us can do some of that work with you, and sometimes we won’t be able to, because WE are busy in a constant process of not merely pondering this, but surviving this. And WE are in a constant process of resisting this. WE are busy working overtime within and without the ableist structures you are a privileged part of that you so often (think and/or behave as though you) don’t need to resist in order to survive*. And sometimes, there is little-to-no strength left at the end of the day.

If you would like to be with us in that survival, in that resistance, do so. But please, don’t ever forget that THAT is precisely what this is.

Resistance is beautiful. OUR resistance is beautiful too.

* the truth, of course, is that you DO need to resist these systems, these structures, ableism, and so on. In part because it is just a straight up fact that you at one-or-many-more points in your life will need the wisdom and strength and resilience of that resistance, today, next month, in 20 years; and in part because you need us, right now, for yours. It may not seem like it, but i promise you that you do. This is true, in a wide variety of ways, of every system of domination and control and resistance to that system.  And why not get a head start when you have the chance?

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