Save the date, ’cause on Saturday June 8th 2013 at Gallery Gachet, from 7pm on, we’re going to be celebrating, honouring, and giving respect where it’s due to the folks behind the Radical Access Mapping Project, the Vancouver Queer ASL Club, and other radical accessibility groups in Vancouver and beyond! 

Often groups working to make this broadly non-accessible world more accessible do so for free or very little money. They pour countless hours of sweat, tears, blood, and bones into making this world a radder, gentler, & safer place for us all with little to no acknowledgement.

So It’s time to pony up and give what we can! Got a fiver you can throw down? Wanna make goodies for a bake sale? Show off your artistic skills & make a poster? Donate something for a raffle? Volunteer at the door and/or (sober) bar? Well, June 8th is the date to do all of that and more! 

This event is taking place on the un-ceded Coast Salish territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-waututh, and Squamish peoples. Our work is grounded on this land, sits firmly in the reality of ongoing processes of colonization and attempts at erasure, and is inspired and informed by the resistance of indigenous people here and across Turtle Island. We’re talking about who has access to what, who designs, defines and is left out of our communities; and whether it’s a staircase or a border, we’re doing all of that on stolen land. In/accessibility and colonialism are intimately connected.

This event is happening in the DTES, a community facing ongoing processes of vilification and gentrification. Please be respectful of the folks who live and work in the neighbourhood, and the spirit of resistance that lives here.



Are you and/or do you identify as disabled, d/Deaf, sick, chronically ill, blind, neurovariant/atypical, mad, the holder of “dangerous gifts,” HIV positive, DeafBlind, superfat, living with multiple chemical sensitivity/chemical injury, someone with learning differences and/or cognitive disabilities, otherwise dis-abled by this inaccessible world, or ____the list is endless in its fabulousness!_____? 

If so, do you want to do a performance art piece, set up an installation, screen a film or video (if so, it’s gotta be captioned, if you’d like help with that, let us know!), tell a story, do a dance, sing a song, showcase a Zine related to access, or some combination of all of the above, or something else entirely? 

Please email

and/or text Kay Lamothe at 778-714-DYKE to propose something.



None of this can happen without you, and there are some specific areas where we’ll definitely need you!

set up/tear down (especially teardown! Having committed folks who won’t take off without doing their shift is crucial; we’ll need to especially rely on able bodied allies for this.) We’re also looking for folks to do the door, to be active listeners, and other things that’ll develop as we go! 

Are you able to livestream this event? And/or record it for future captioning? 

Please contact moreshowsfortheladiesandhomos@gmail.com to volunteer.



This event is happening in Gallery Gachet [http://gachet.org/] a space which actively supports the wellness of folks marginalized because of their mental health, trauma and/or abuse experience, and works towards the elimination of discrimination against people marginalized because of other’s response to that mental health, trauma and/or abuse experience. We can’t thank the collective at Gachet enough for actively supporting this event, for making the links, for prioritizing access, and creating one more space we can be together.

WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE (full audit to come)

ASL INTERPRETED. Also, printed material will be available for each piece, any films/videos will be captioned in English, (and if you’d like to help with other captioning options, get in touch!).

CLOSE TO ACCESSIBLE TRANSIT: There are a number of transit options within one block, and the closest skytrain station (Waterfront) is 6 blocks away, with minimal-to-no hills. All transit is wheelchair accessible.

SOBER space. Please take care how you need to, but don’t consume in the space.

ALL AGES space.

GENDER NEUTRAL WASHROOMS. There are 2 bathrooms, one w/c accessible, one down a step, both gender neutral.


SCENT REDUCED space. We want our amazing friends who live with chemical injury –who are left out of most events– to access this event safely. This event is happening in an art gallery, where a variety of materials are used regularly. We will have air filters in place before and during the event. Folks are expected to come to this event fragrance-free.

Don’t wear colognes, perfumes, essential oils or products containing them, including gels, sprays, etc., or using laundry dryer sheets and detergents. And as much as we love nail art, please apply your fresh coat of fabulousness at least 8 hours before coming to this event.

We haven’t planned to have specific fragrance-free seating for this event, because it’s a relatively small space and the entire event should be fragrance free, but if you have ideas about having some specific seating, or would like to see some reserved, please let us know! 

We don’t want anyone to have to leave the event, whether you live with chemical injury or usually wear/apply something scented for whatever reason. You’re an important part of making this event and this community amazing, and a scent reduced policy is not intended to alienate or shame anyone, or to prioritize one disability over another (for example, some folks use various salves for pain, which often have strong smells), but to open space for some folks who so rarely get to be part of these kinds of community gatherings. It’s just a few hours, but it’s a few hours many folks don’t ever get, and we thank you for prepping ahead and respecting the intention of the space and the safety of other attendees, performers, and volunteers. 

Please see http://www.brownstargirl.org/1/post/2012/03/fragrance-free-femme-of-colour-realness-draft-15.html for some great info on coming to this space fragrance free. 

Also, don’t smoke on the sidewalk outside the gallery, as the smoke easily makes its way indoors. Please go around the block, thanks!

EMS SAFETY. This space is right downtown, amid a number of wifi hotspots and so on, but to make it more possible for folks who deal with electro magnetic sensitivity to attend this event, please if you can turn your cellphone to airplane mode, and if you use it, please go outside. Also, please don’t access wifi in the space, in fact, we may have them cut the connection for wifi for this event. thanks!

LIMITING NUMBERS INSIDE to ensure enough space for folks to safely move around. We will be capping attendance at about 100 for the night, and after that will proceed with a one in – one out policy, prioritizing variously dis-abled, Deaf folks and others. We ask that if we are at capacity, that our allies please offer their space.

If you’re not sure if you’re coming, or just want to support the event, please list yourself as “maybe”, so we can get a more realistic idea of how many people we should expect. 

If you have any other accessibility needs or just want more info about what’s above, please let us know!


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