don’t beep me

To the queer who “beep! beep! beep! beep! beep!”‘d at me today while i got my coffee after two other people had just done the same slightly less enthusiastic version at me, and while your queer friend stood there saying nothing:


don’t ever. fucking. do. that. to. me (or anyone else for that matter) again.


To any readers out there who may have a queer friend who maybe told you about how some disabled “dude” told you off for doing that today (yeah, that was probably me), so as i suppose to garner sympathy from you when you were just trying to be “nice” or “funny”(?) and “he” was just being oversensitive, tell them they shouldn’t do shit like that if they don’t want to be told (way too pleasantly i might add) “no. please don’t do that to me. i’m not 5”.


And to my variously able-bodied friends: don’t do this to me. Ever. It is not funny. It is not cute. It is not a way for us to “connect” as friends, or to “lighten” things up. It is not something we can do with one another as friends. It is not something you get to do to me, or to disabled folks in general.


You know why? Because it is some ableist, infantlizing bullshit. And for whatever inane reason it still hurts me more when its other queers doing it. Especially when i likely will have to see your condescending ass again. How annoying. This city is too small, this community too tiny, for you to be pulling fucked up shit like that. What exactly do you think you’re doing when you do that? What do you imagine a reasonable response is, really? <—2 entirely rhetorical questions, by the way. It’s ridiculous how often this happens, and i don’t actually care why you do it, or to talk with you about it.


Just knock it the fuck off.


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