PSA To Queers Who Consider Themselves Allies to Gimps.

This PSA brought to you by your local Gimp Frustration Foundation:

Nice and simple: Not accessible? You won’t be seeing this bear there. If that’s the aim, hey, great work! If that’s not the aim but simply an “unfortunate” side-effect [y’know, of not doing the work to make it accessible], well that’s just the way these things go i suppose.

But let’s at least be real about this. This isn’t shit that “just happens”, and we (maybe, but probably not) talk about it and then it’s all good (even if, traditionally, nothing actually changes). It’s part of an overall pattern that is soaking in –you guessed it– ableism.

Please deal with the defensiveness around that instead of lashing out at people who rightly call it out. And the most utterly LEAST you can do is NOT ask me or gimps in general to advertise your event/venue; NOT pull out “queer community!” cards to guilt me or other gimps into doing it, and most certainly NOT ask me or gimps in general to speak kindly of it or of your organizing, or expect to hear you out as you meander and/or rage through whatever process you’re going through around your able-bodied privilege. And yknow, at least stop telling me what a good ally you are. Pfft. i mean fucking seriously.

That’s not “eating our own!!!” or “ZOMG divisive!!!” Actually, not having accessible events and not actually, deeply, looking at what ableism does to our communities, is what divides communities, so perhaps looking at that first is a great step.

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