this is not neutral

Fellow white people: white privilege, white supremacy is the issue here. What are we doing every day? Let’s continue to have not only real conversation about this shit, but real ACTION. Being “anti-racist” doesnt mean shit if we arent regularly DOING. Because the reality of our skin, our histories, our privilege, our centering, is constantly DOING. It’s not just sitting there, neutral, being. It is actively DOING. And we must also DO, every single day, every hour. It isn’t enough to “be aware” of racism, of white supremacy, to think about it, to ponder it, to tsk tsk it. It just isn’t.

And like every other time, i am actually not Trayvon Martin, nor any other person of colour murdered by the state — whether by lethal injection or lethal neglect or lethal & purposeful systemic standard operation. i will never be. i will not be putting on a hoodie at tonights rally any more than i normally would. That’s not what got him killed. Believe me, as an anarchist im all for masking up, but i will not hide my white face, my white privilege, my place in this white supremacy, least of all at a rally for a black kid murdered because white supremacy reigns supreme — a reign that grants me passage wherever i go, and leaves others in state sponsored ditches.

Fellow white folks: what are you going to to tonight and every night? What are we doing? This shit is on us.



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