More Details of Three, Free Mia Mingus Vancouver Workshops In October

Mia Mingus To Offer Three  Free Workshops in Vancouver!

Mia is a writer and organizer working for disability justice and transformative justice to end child sexual abuse. She identifies as a queer physically disabled Korean woman transracial and transnational adoptee, raised in the Caribbean, nurtured in the South and now living on the west coast. She works for community, interdependency and home for all of us, not just some of us and longs for a world where disabled children can live free of violence, with dignity and love. As her work for liberation evolves and deepens, her roots remain firmly planted in ending sexual violence.

We are delighted to have Mia in Vancouver this October to present three free events. For more info about Mia and to read her essays, please visit her blog at:

Thanks to all the partners who have helped make Mia’s visit happen!:

  • Centre for Students with Disabilities (SFU),
  • Community Yoga,
  • CUPE 3338,
  • Gallery Gachet,
  • Out on Campus,
  • Peer Net BC,
  • Purple Thistle,
  • Radical Access Mapping Project (RAMP),
  • Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG),
  • Sociology & Anthropology Student Union (SFU),
  • and the Women’s Centre (SFU).


Sat. Oct 19th, 10am to 5pm

@ Segal Centre, 500 Granville St., Vancouver

Registration will be open starting September 17th at

Facebook event page:

“We must roll up our sleeves and start doing the hard work of learning how to work through conflict, pain and hurt as if our lives depended on it—because they do.”  ~ (Mia Mingus, On Collaboration: Starting With Each Other)

In this day-long workshop, we will figure out how to deal with conflict and difference within social justice communities. The workshop will equip participants with new skills and tools that will enable us to work together in ways that strengthen us (instead of hurting us) and allow space for growth & healing.

This will be a “live” space to talk about the actual concrete needs of the local community and offer a political framework with which to orient community building. We will engage in long and short term visioning, hammer out agreements, values and principles, and share tools.

This is not a workshop about the idea of community building. In this workshop we will actively practice community building. Come ready to work, connect, share and learn.

Everyone welcome, free, but advance registration is required. ASL translation will be available if requested before October 15th.

Sun. Oct 20th, 10am to 2pm

@ SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver

Registration will be open starting September 17th at

Facebook event page:


A Disability Justice analysis deepens & strengthens our work for social justice because ableism undergirds whose bodies are considered desirable or disposable. This workshop will give participants a chance to engage with the Disability Justice framework and understand how it connects with different communities, movements, and access.

Focused towards activists, organizers, community groups and non-profit organizations, core concepts to be explored include:
What is Disability Justice?
How is it different from Disability Rights?
What is ableism?
How can we start integrating a disability justice analysis into our work as activists and organizers?
How are disability and ableism connected to other forms of oppression?

Disability Justice has the power to shift our work so we can fight for liberation for all of us, not just some of us.

Everyone welcome, but advance registration is required. Communication Access Realtime Translation (live captioning) will be provided at this event. ASL translation will be available if requested before October 15th.



Sun. Oct 20th, 4pm—7pm

@ Gallery Gachet, 88 E. Cordova St., Vancouver

Registration will be open starting September 17th at

Facebook event page:

In this writing workshop participants will get the chance to explore Moving Towards the Ugly: A Politic Beyond Desirability, a speech given by Mia Mingus two years ago. In her talk, Mia critiques the concept of beauty and our desire for it. She challenges us instead to embrace our ugly and remember our magnificence.

We will open the space with inspiration and grounding from Moving Towards the Ugly, as well as excerpts from another talk about magnificence and then explore the concept of Ugly and Magnificence using prompts. Using writing as a tool, we will have the opportunity to explore our fears and judgments around “ugly,” as well as what gifts we disown by not embracing all of who we are. This workshop is not only intended for those who identify as “writers” and writing experience is not required. Sharing your work with other participants will be optional.

Everyone welcome, but advance registration is required. ASL translation will be available if requested before October 15th.
Register at


– Wheelchair / scooter user accessible spaces, including bathrooms.- ASL has been pre-booked for all three events and will be provided if requested before October 15th. The option to request it is in the online registration form.- Communication Access Realtime Translation (live captioning) will be taking place at the Disability Justice talk.

– In the registration form people will have the option to select having

  • an FM tuner,
  • money for bus fare or child care,
  • language translation or any other accommodations.

[PLEASE NOTE! It is unclear currently what the scent reduction policy/procedure will be for these events, but it is my understanding that people should refrain from wearing scented products of any kind. i will follow up as i hear more from organizers]

For further information, contact us at: or call (778) 782-4360

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