around and around we go…

“Radical” shit in NONaccessible spaces. Wow. Totes radical for sure. Seriously. That’s really different than the usual same old same old. A real breath of fresh air!

i marvel at the number of conversations i’ve had with other gimps about the frustrations of dealing with this same shit in self-described “radical” communities and events. i also marvel at the amount of work we do to make things better, and so often nothing does, or it does for a millisecond then it’s back to the status quo.

And some people wonder why we sometimes just don’t even bother giving the benefit of the doubt any more [well, other than that being about our obviously “bad attitude” — it always comes back to disabled (and don’t be fooled: if it’s not me, it’s some other gimp being labeled with that) people having a “bad attitude” about this stuff, rather than placing it where it should be: on the shoulders and in the hallways of community venues and events who actually have the social cache to fricken DO something about it]. And then those too many other times when we do give the benefit of the doubt and it’s a shitshow anyways. Or when we do the work people say they need done in order to do anything, and it’s a shitshow anyways.

But here, let me sew the threads that must be wearing out on your shirt from all the back patting you’re probably doing for doing one small thing. Yawn.

i love you, but you wear me the fuck down, vancouver, seriously wear me down.

[Also, i know this shit must get boring to hear when you don’t actually experience this. But i promise it’s considerably more boring to have to constantly repeat it. Maybe instead of complaining about gimps bringing this stuff up, more people could actually do something about it? Great! Thanks!]


One thought on “around and around we go…

  1. The chest-tightening frustration is enormous! It seems the people in the positions of making accessible changes would like nothing more than to throw a cracker crumb at world hunger and expect not to have to hear the ‘ungrateful’ grumblings of hunger ever again. So far, pecking at the issues like a crow at road kill, is the only option.

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