Let a gimp know!

Hey folks! If you learn of an accessibility upgrade that’s happened in a space, whether or not it’s been audited, lemme know so i can update my info? Even if it doesn’t mean the rest of the space is accessible)…

[For example, i just found out through a random long search through the Shout Back festival facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/218627464956123/?fref=ts that Astorino’s at Commercial and Venables here in “Vancouver” finally put in a ramp*** — i don’t know any details of it or how they’re making it accessible to folks, but it makes a big difference to be able to get into the space. Note that the bathrooms (while on the same floor as everything else) are still not accessible.

If you want disabled etc folks to be there, we gotta share this stuff!

Thanks in advance.

*** see pic here:

[image description: the front of a beige tiled building with a maroon awning for “Astorino’s” Catering, showing a double door entrance with a small wooden ramp]

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