“Deep Accessibility” by Ian Ford

OK. So this is quite a long article, but i think it’s really good, on so many levels. And i gotta say, i got a bit teary reading some of this, particularly the way these things were really thought out, brain-wise, heart-wise, community-wise, how much of my own experience was reflected here and how much is different from mine, yet still connected. This is really lovely, useful, clear, expansive. There are so many excellent points, and one point seemed to flow into the next to create this overall thing that made sense to me, touched on so many experiences i have around accessibilities, and some experiences i don’t have around this stuff, but no matter how i connected to it, i came away from it with a better idea of some of what folks are dealing with, and of how i can do things better in my own organizing, and in my own experiences of different spaces. And that’s pretty fabulous. 

What are your thoughts about this article? i’d love to hear more :)


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