On a roll… EXCEPT NOT REALLY!!! Just Kidding! Oh, and where’s my cookie?

So some of the comments over at
on this video are… interesting i suppose? But not really. Fairly predictable stuff. Nevertheless, i do agree with the writer.

This is what i wrote about it on facebook:

As someone permanently on wheels myself, i gotta respectfully say that i actually find this ad boring and pretty predictable, and yes indeed inspiration porn.

For me, dedication, loyalty, friendship, or solidarity might more accurately look like (in the context of this messaging anyways, though i have bigger plans for this kind of stuff lol) :

  • all those dudes leaving for the bar in those wheelchairs,
  • and hanging out there while in them,
  • going home in those wheelchairs (or trying to get an accessible cab in one),
  • meeting and enjoying their dates while in those wheelchairs,
  • doing their jobs while in those wheelchairs,
  • hell, going for a job interview or taking the bus to it in those wheelchairs,
  • making dinner while in those wheelchairs, etcetcetc,

[and this shit isnt all about “in the wheelchair”. We are not simply “in a chair”, like some lumpen rolletariat for your amusement and charity. i’m totally going to use that “lumpen rolletariat” for all things from here on in!]

  • and doing all of that in those wheelchairs for the next year or more,
  • or how about working on making your place accessible,
  • not going to a show at a venue that refuses to upgrade,
  • putting your ass on the line etc,

not for 40 minutes on a basketball court when you can get up and go about your business like nothing happened [nothing, except you getting some sort of weird ally-cookie pat on the back for making the choice (how nice to be able to choose!) to hang out with your friend (which… really? that gets points?), and have that be such a glowing reflection of your apparently fabulous character.]

i also rely despise the whole shock value thing where the rest of the dudes walk away, and people are like “ZOMG THEY”RE WALKING BUT I THOUGHT THEY WERE DISABLED OMG MY BRAINS!”, but then does nothing to actually touch on what it means to be able to do that, and they ways in which disabled folks routinely PAY for that kind of shock value, with people treating us like we’re faking. But i digress, again.

Ads like this annoy the hell out of me because they *are* clearly inspiration porn to me. Inspiration porn is *never* about the disabled person. It is always about the non disabled person in the scenario. And this is totally no different, as that last line blatantly lays out.

But i suppose this fluff makes a better advert than my ideas lol.

“Dedication… loyalty… friendship… the choices we make reveal the true nature of our character”. i mean, what does this even *mean*?

And in terms of the overall context? As a recovering alcoholic, im like, WTF does choosing a pint of guinness have to do with any of this lol? But that’s advertising for you i suppose.

i’m sure we should simply be glad to see “people in wheelchairs” represented. Except that they’re not even disabled folks. Because apparently there are actually a bunch o able bodied folks who are like super involved in playing wheelchair basketball and, like, all train for it and shit. My puny brain cannot with this. So not only do they get to play wheelchair basketball, they also get to walk away form it at their leisure, and they also get lavished with kudos for being so great that they do it. What a topsy turvy world my friends.

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