Yeah. We know it ain’t all about wc access.

So this may not come out clearly the way i want, but some thoughts…

While accessibility is not all and only about wheelchair-user access, it is still also about that. And that until able-bodied people can get their heads around making their events/venues increasingly wheelchair-user accessible, they should probably stop using this line. It sets up this weird divide, this weird hierarchy, and it feels icky.

This statement (that access is not only wc access) comes from within disability communities, and when it’s tossed around outside of those communities (and even sometimes when it’s tossed around inside disability communities), but particularly by people who don’t have mobility barriers, it takes on an entirely different tone – one which feels both condescending and like a slap in the face.

Yes of course increase your knowledge and action in the direction of creating access across many different experiences; no, do not use an experience that isn’t yours to highlight the need. Because what it more often than not does is create a situation (which i’ve seen and experienced with my own eyes, numerous times) where predominantly non-mobility-limited people get out of making things wheelchair-etc-user accessible by saying “it’s not ONLY about wc access you know!” It might sound ridiculous, but i’m serious when i say that this happens more than some folks would like to think. It’s a product of ableism, and as such it can be as absurd as it wishes, and still happen consistently, y’know?

Basically, yeah, we know it ain’t all about wc access. We’re the ones who came up with the idea in the first place.

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