Leveraging access

levers not doorknobs_tools of oppression
[image] A shiny silver lever door handle, not installed, with its inside mechanism clearly showing. There is a red line and arrow pointing from “Here” to the insides of the door handle.

[text set to the right] Here we can see the very cogs of oppression turning! By encouraging people to install levels rather than doorknobs, society will be thrust into a MadMax, topsyturvy world where we must battle it out -no matter the cost!- just to survive. Or at least to go for a pee. Welcome! Here, let us show you around! We’re pretty familiar with it.”]

i wish people would just be honest about what’s really got their knickers in a twist about this. I.e. veloceraptors.


Image: 7 panels from the movie Jurassic Park of a veloceraptor figuring out how to open a door by using the lever handle. We first see just a lever handle on a metal door, slightly turned; then  it’s turned a lot more; then the door is opened a bit and there’s the veloceraptor’s great big claws; next we get a peek at the veloceraptor’s head through the cracked open door as they stare at the handle; then -with sharp teeth flaring- the dinosaur begins to bang the door open further with their head; then a larger closeup of the head and teeth; and finally a super big closeup of the head and teeth!

i mean sheesh.

In response to the public outcry (this is anarchism! its fascism! its anarcho-fascism!) over this new building code in vancouver:


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