Things i’m going to do and things id like you do to.


This year i endeavour to give less fucks & less time talking about accessibility & ableism. but the reality is that i cant do that, just roll away from this. i need access & need to talk about ableism. not just in a workshop, via fb posts, but in person, with you, some kind of community, and not a one-off either. i cant do that when you keep holding shit in spaces i cant get into.


i will for example be working hard this year to not repost/ promote/ fund/ etc ANYthing from ANY event ANYwhere which people like me could not attend because it is not properly, actually wheelchair accessible. As a challenge: i wonder if anyone who doesnt require that specific kind of access will be willing to join me in that (or other similarly important access endeavours) over the next year(+, but lets start light with one year), especially if you ever talk about “our community” and so on… hm… 
which brings me to…


So id like YOU, dear reader, to endeavour to give significantly more fucks & to spend significantly more time talking about & acting on accessibility & ableism, so that the often unbearable weight of it doesn’t always have to land on the backs of disabled people. i’m asking you to take the copious information & other resources you have out there (created mostly by disabled folks, so you know that shit comes from the source & is actually relevant & useful to us) and show 2014 a thing or twenty about accountability, community, & solidarity; to take this seriously, to ACT from a place of compassion — because you can THINK as compassionately as you want, but if your ACTIONS dont change, nothing does.


So how about it?

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