equality meh…

Treating people exactly the same is not equality. Or maybe it is, but i don’t want equality. i want liberation. And one of the things that means to me is recognizing different situations, different needs, and that you can’t simply treat people “the same” (whatever THAT means, when we’re actually NOT the same) and have outcomes which those people might describe as liberatory or just or fair.


For example, if you expect that i should be able to do something in the same time as someone who is not disabled, you’re not getting it. And having a different set up for me is not, like, special treatment or something. It is simply recognizing that my abilities and limitations are different, and rolling with those instead of trying to push me into a box i will never be able to fit in (believe me, it’s really awkward). My idea of a good mode of or reasonable amount of time in which to complete something, may be different than yours, and so long as it’s not completely putting you out in some fucked up hurtful way (which, y’know, we could talk about), maybe you can just roll with that too?


This relates in many ways to the post i wrote about how when you “welcome” disabled folks, you also need to recognize that things will possibly change, may be different than they were before you “welcomed” that person. This stuff works the same and maybe takes it another step.


If you welcome me, welcome all of me (including the bits that make you uncomfortable, or change the status quo), and i promise to not whinge about the bizarro able bodied way you do things.



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