Shut down the Weaponizing of Disability Against Wet’suwet’en Land Defence

🔥🖤 #NotMyAlliance is doing all the right things right now. i don’t have a twitter account (and am not gonna get one) so can’t comment directly, but seeing so many disabled folks shut this shit down is really heartening.
To me, we *can* talk about how things are impacted. We actually *can* have conversations and brainstorms about how to deal with the tangible things that happen –like what does it mean to have to sit in traffic for an hour or two instead of 5 minutes when you have crohn’s and will *literally* burst if you can’t get to a bathroom; or how to deal with missing a life-saving specialist appointment you’ve waited a year to get because you had to go some wild circuitous route or because transit is completely shut down. Those are tangible things that impact people like me (and impact disabled Indigenous folks even more), and we can talk about that. Also, as many disabled folks will tell you, we have a shit ton of experience navigating inaccessible, unpredictable stuff, and it’s good for us to share knowledge with each other. Often, it’s the only thing keeping us alive.
i don’t think it helps anyone to pretend that stuff doesn’t matter or isn’t important somehow, or that we can simply put it aside. We have to be able to talk about it. We contain all of those realities *and* all the knowledge gained from it.
These shitty things can happen ANY time, but surely we know that disabled experiences are being weaponized against Indigenous folks, including disabled Indigenous folks, in order to shut down this resistance. We know this.
People who never gave a shit about us, are not part of solution-finding, and are usually whinging about what “drains-on-society” we are will happily use their concern trolling of us to prop up their anti-Indigenous bullshit, which reinforces ableist bullshit, which reenforces anti-Indigenous bullshit, and so on and on. We need to be shutting this shit down.
And when disability organizations say stuff like the Disability Alliance said recently, without anything beyond that, without any context, without making any connections or even basic acknowledgements of what’s actually going on and why people are putting up so much resistance, and what a lot of disabled folks are saying about it, how we are active participants in that resistance as well, they perpetuate dangerous paternalistic stereotypes about disabled folks broadly, both erase *and* vilify disabled Indigenous folks, and maintain a violent status quo that serves industry and colonialism.
And as has been shown real clearly, we are NOT FUCKING HERE FOR THAT. 🖤🔥

[there’s a black heart and fire emoji at start and end of this post]

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