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oof it’s been a while since i’ve written anything on here, and i’m not totally sure what to say. honestly i’ve just been trying to get through this past while.

here’s a great article i read recently that tackles the whole “comorbidities” eugenicist bullshit. holy crap i’m so incredibly tired of hearing that.

Graphic with a blue-gray background. In the center is a photo of a white, nonbinary, disabled fat person sits on a tan couch with their legs folded. They are wearing a wine red cardigan and a blue striped scarf, and have long, dark curly pulled back in a hair clip and have a dark beard. They are drinking a cup of tea and looking down at a tan cat sitting in their lap and petting the cat

Stop Bill 251!

Please consider signing the statement and passing it along. This bill will further endanger sex workers.

#StopBill251 #CopsAreNotProtectingUs #NoMorePolicing #NoMoreRescue

May be an image of one or more people and text that says "#COPSARENOTPROTECTINGUS The new anti-trafficking law fürther pushes sex workers into the margins Fight against Bill 251 with us! Sign our statement NOW! #NOMORERESCUE #NOMOREPOLICING"
Image Description: The post has three sections. At the top is a white horizontal band with bold red text reading #CopsAreNotProtectingUs Below that is a black background and bold red and white text reads “The new anti-trafficking law further pushes sex workers into the margins. Fight against Bill 251 with us! Sign our statement now!”, and a red stylized broken heart.At the bottom in a white background with the bold red hashtags #NoMoreRescue #NoMorePolicing







Community Statement in the aftermath of the anti-Asian, white supremacist and misogynistic murder spree of Asian Women in Atlanta

“Community Statement in the aftermath of the anti-Asian, white supremacist and misogynistic murder spree of Asian Women in Atlanta”


#Atlanta #VAW #Migrants #SexWorkers #AntiAsianRacism

March 17, 2021 We are outraged and deeply heartbroken by the murder of 8 individuals in Atlanta on March 16, 2021 almost all of whom were Asian women. We mourn the death and honour the lives of Asian women working in massage parlours and Asian and migrant sex workers who have never been protected from hate, discrimination, racism, misogyny and violence. This comes amid attacks against people of Asian descent across North America. What has happened in Atlanta is not an isolated incident, but a horrific example of a large rising tide of anti-Asian racism.

In Canada, over 1000 cases of anti-Asian racism have been reported (report forthcoming on March, 23) to https://www.covidracism.ca and http://www.elimin8hate.org. Our data demonstrates that Asian women are disproportionately impacted by racialized violence. Asian women working in massage parlours and the sex industry are often violently targeted.

Similar to the United States, intersecting sexism, whorephobia, and racism in Canada result in the dehumanization of Asian and migrant sex workers and massage parlour workers. This violence is not isolated and stems from a long history of fetishizing, hypersexualizing and marginalizing Asian women. Anti migrant and anti sex worker legislation promote and encourage hate towards Asian migrant sex workers, labelling them as undeserving and unworthy of rights and protection. Our communities are often framed as criminal just for existing.

Anti-migrant and anti-sex worker policies are often harmful and dangerous to women’s physical safety, resulting in continued law enforcement targeting Body Rub Parlours and Holistic Centres here in Toronto. Many cities have excessive policing and repressive regulations against massage parlours, such as prohibiting the locking of doors, and forcing them to work in remote areas. Butterfly and CCNCTO continue to advocate for fair enforcement practices by the City of Toronto’s Municipal Licensing and Standards Division. This includes abolishing Bylaw 545-177 and Bylaw 545-343, which restrict workers from locking their doors at Holistic Centres and Body Rub Parlours. Furthermore, we call on the Federal Government to ensure migrant workers are granted legal status in Canada, including both status on arrival and regularization programs for those who are already in Canada.

We continue to demand respect, dignity, rights and protection for Asian and migrant women, sex workers and women working in massage parlours, who have had their rights infringed upon due to their race, language and immigration status. Their lives and livelihoods must be protected. This demand for dignity does not include increased policing or enforcement, recognizing that more policing has often exacerbated harms and has failed to demonstrate a commitment to protect and advance the rights of Asian and migrant sex workers, Black and Indigenous communities and migrant communities at large. Racism has no boundaries.

Butterfly: https://www.butterflysw.org

Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter


Nail Technicians’ Network – Toronto

Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre project 1907

SWAN – https://www.swanvancouver.ca/messages-of-hope-board


please read, sign and share.

“We pledge to combine strengths with organizers of actions for increased accessibility of actions. We pledge to support the Black Lives Matter movement until the walls of prisons, jails and detention centers crumble, until not one more Black person is killed in the streets. And we pledge to center disabled BIPOC leadership in our work now more than ever. We call on non-Black disabled people and allies to show up physically or digitally. Protest by using your dollars. Protest by using your strengths. Focus on healing and care for Black people during, and beyond, this time of pain and grief. Redistribute your resources and build mutual aid, and again, time counts as a resource, too.”


social distancing simulations

Black text on a light teal background:
So much of the broad response to calls for social distancing due to Covid-19 is reminding me (just on a mass scale) of disability simulations where people do something for a short time (like use a wheelchair, cover their eyes, etc) to better “understand what it’s like” to be a wheelchair user or have low vision etc —> and then think they know what it’s like to live with it all the time —> and then often proceed to tell those of us who are already deeply in-the-know what it’s like, or that -while it was supes weird or disorienting!- it’s not so bad and we’ll all get back to ‘normal’ soon, as they go about their usual lives. Please don’t do that.

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