Free Audit Templates

Below is a link to the template of RAMP’s current audit, overview, and FAQ.

This audit is constantly being updated, so always come here to find the most recent version.

This is not the be-all of audits or accessibility, and there is a huge amount of other really amazing resources out there to learn from and adapt. Note that this is mainly an audit about spaces/ venues/ locations, and that events will have different needs, which can be added to this audit. i wanted to create something that could be used as a baseline, here’s-the-facts about individual spaces, and event organizers can use this as a first step, and adapt as they adapt the space, if that makes sense.

Try to always challenge yourself to ask more, learn more. This particular audit is an ongoing project for me, constantly being updated, edited, refined, etc., has and will continue to be years in the making, and has come with much assistance and learning from other disabled folks in my life, some of whom you can find linked in this blog. Feel free to use this template to do your own audits, but, and this is really important:

*BECAUSE of the daily lived realities of living in the mess of structural ableist oppression, the work of disabled people is so often taken and morphed into something else in the hands of non-disabled folks, often times losing the important pieces which connect it all; AND BECAUSE so often the original intent of the work is lost in those well-intended hands; AND BECAUSE so often a body of work which has come directly from variously disabled communities is forgotten as such; AND BECAUSE this audit and RAMP in general is coming very directly from a radical access/ liberationist standpoint and so often that gets “lost” along the way, i respectfully ask: that you ALWAYS give credit for and links to  the original document when you do so. If you would like to adapt this audit in any way, and wish to still have it connected in any way with RAMP, i ask that you speak with me directly.

i also ask that if you are performing an audit for a company (especially but not exclusively if that company is a for-profit company) that you pay to have this audit done instead of simply taking the template and using it freely. One of the ways that ableism manifests in this society is through increasing the financial instability of disabled people, including yours truly. One way you can directly help with that is through paying for this work.
Thanks for understanding and respecting these requests.*


Google Document, Black and White Version:


This is an important addition to the audit. Often, people are unable to go through an entire huge document to get some of the basic info they need. This Overview is intended to be a companion piece to the audit, not a stand alone piece. Please fill out the sections to the best of your abilities. If you have any questions, please contact RAMP




4 thoughts on “Free Audit Templates

  1. Hi – my name is hanif – I work for the British Columbia Nurses’ Union
    wanted to chat with you about our upcoming human rights conference
    look forward to hearing from you

  2. Hi there,

    Love that you do this! I’m working with a group to develop a women’s events co-op and we’d love to have an accessibility audit of our venue. Please email us at or let us know how we can contact you!

    D .
    (current) Executive Producer

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