This is going to be a page where i explore and share more about the dancing i’ve been doing since September 2014 with a local All Bodies Dance group, share links and resources, hear your ideas and experiences with dance, and so on.

Stay tuned!

For now, here’s a couple things to check out:
The Facebook page for the local All Bodies Dance group:

and their website:


And here are a couple of captioned videos about the All Bodies Dance Project, filmed at the Roundhouse and Trout Lake Community Centres here in town Sept 2014-June 2015:

Here’s a couple pieces i wrote about these relatively new experiences with dance:

Auditing Dance
i really like using one access point to assist with and influence another, and to see what interesting things develop. For example, i love that the images i made for doing access audits and layouts influenced and changed my All Bodies Dance experience; and thatthat changed dance experience connected so clearly for me to another totally different kind of project a friend was doing that involved a red thread/twine as an assistive device, and that that connection, influence and change is influencing another art project i’m engaged in right now around access. i just find that so unexpected and challenging and actually a lot of fun!

Read more:

What’s terror, anyways?

So here’s the thing about this All Bodies Dance Project i’ve been going to. While there are some things about it i don’t connect with and/or that don’t reflect me. i pushed past that and went. And to be honest, i’m mortified to be there, to be moving around a room with these strangers, to be waving around, moving my body these ways, even to call it dancing. It’s public, it’s open, there are floor-to-ceiling windows in the room through which passersby can -if they choose- watch for a moment or the entire time as they make their way to other activities in the rec centre. It’s embarrassing and exposing, and physically daunting (even within the context of uncommonly broad understandings of “movement”, where one person’s full body twirly thing can be another person’s finger bend, and is just as beautiful and celebrated and understood).

And i fucking love it and can’t wait for the next class.

Read more:

And hey why not? Here’s a much older piece about my first experiences at a rave, in my mid-30’s. This is really different than the All Bodies context, but it was such an unfamiliar and surprisingly influential experience for me, i thought i’d include it here:

Raving Gimps

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